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    In the Paint With HoopMIA:

    Weekly Recruiting Update: November 7-13

    By HoopMIA 11/14/2016, 6:00pm EST

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    By HoopMIA 10/31/2016, 5:45pm EDT

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    Player Spotlights:

    Top 2019 Florida Grassroot Prospects from Dallas Live Period

    By Connor Quigley 04/25/2018, 11:00am EDT

    Connor Quigley

    Director of Scouting

    Dallas, Texas

    April 20th-22nd


    It was an incredible weekend in Dallas to say the least, all of the events I attended were run at a very high and efficient level and overall was a great environment for youth basketball.   I was only able to make it to the Nike and Under Armor events this weekend as there was a lot of ground to cover in Dallas, so this report will only include players from Nike Team Florida, E1T1, and Team Breakdown.  In my report coming out on the Class of 2020 I will also include the 16u teams from the programs mentioned above, as well as the Florida Lightening and Nightrydas 16u programs.  Next weekend I'm headed to Atlanta to checkout all of the Florida teams on the Adidas Silver and Gold Circuit, and will release a 2019 followed up by a 2020 report the same way I've done today.  If anyone has any questions or think I've missed anyone please feel free to reach out!! 


    Top Florida Grassroot Prospects 2019 Point Guards

    Tre Mann (6’3/PG/HM+) The Villages, Florida / E1T1

    PPG: 17.2 / FG%: 40.7 / 3FG%: 31.2 / RPG: 4.8 / APG: 4.0 / TOPG: 1.5

    - High Major scoring point guard, can score from all three levels and plays above the rim

    - Has improved tremendously since adding muscle to lanky frame, grew 2in since Oct.

    - Dynamic playmaker, creates separation w/ no wasted movement-High IQ makes right play   

    - Saw both games he scored 20+ in - effortless shooting stroke, took some tough shots which led to poor percentage - potential to be special  


    Kyle Sturdivant (6’2/PG/MM+) Norcross, GA / Nike Team Florida

    PPG: 18.3 / FG%: 56.7  / 3FG%: 50.0 / FT%: 94.1  / RPG: 5.0 / APG: 3.0 / TOPG: 2.7

    - Strong body point guard, relentlessly attacks the rim - difficult to stop in transition

    - Has great body control, finishes w/ both hands (1 and 2 foot finishes)

    - Very efficient scorer, takes high percentage shots, great shooting mechanics

    - Tough defender, stays in stance, quick feet, strong upper body - difficult to get by


    Antonio Daye Jr. (6’2/PG/MM+) Fort Lauderdale HS / Team Breakdown           *Class of 2018

    PPG: 8.0  / FG%: 42.0   / 3FG%: 0-3 / FT%: 75.0 / RPG: 5.0  / APG: 4.8 / SPG: 1.25

    - Explosive playmaking point guard, gets in the paint effectively and looks to create for others

    - Finishes well at the rim - good body control, finishes with both hands - draws fouls

    - Tough defender, great at cutting ball handler off, making him change directions - quick hands

    - Crafty handle, keeps defender off balance and explodes into the paint, good decision maker out of pick and roll


    AJ Cajuste (6’0/PG/MM-) Oxbridge Academy / E1T1

     *Injured did not play

    Top Florida Grassroot Prospects 2019 Combo Guards

    Marsei Caston (6’3/CG/MM+) Potters House, Florida / E1T1

    PPG: 16.8 / FG%: 56.4 / 3FG%: 38.5 / FT%: 81.8 / RPG:4.0  / APG: 2.8 / TOPG: 1.5

    - Relentless attacker, plays off hesitation and explodes to the rim - Finishes w/ both hands

    - Respectable shooter, takes good shots from 3 - smooth at hesitating into pull up  

    - Bounce to play above rim, but usually hangs and maneuvers around shot blockers

    - Willing playmaker, draws the help and kicks to open man when he’s cut off


    Byron Smith (6’1/CG/LM+) The Villages, Florida / Nike Team Florida

    PPG: 2.2  / FG%: 28.6 / 3FG%:  20 / FT%: 40 / RPG: 1.2  / APG: 0.5 / SPG: 1.0

    - Long and athletic well rounded guard who can do a little bit of everything for you

    - Great at playing off ball, finds the open space to spot up - Uses shot fake effectively

    - Versatile defender, can guard any of the perimeter positions - anticipates passing lanes

    - Stock will rise as he grows comfortable with his role on this team   


    Top Florida Grassroot Prospects 2019 Wing’s

    Demari Monsanto (6’6/Wing/MM+) American Heritage, Florida / Team Breakdown

    PPG: 12.5  / FG%: 35 / 3FG%: 28.0 (9-32) / FT%: 75 / RPG: 5.25 / SPG: 1.25

    - If he’s in the building he’s open, and he’s letting it fly with no hesitation

    - Crafty, plays off his shot fake and jab step when isolated, ability to create open pull up

    - Took  tough shots which had a negative effect on his percentage - but a lethal shooter

    - Strong body, gets after it on the glass - not afraid of contact - anticipates passing lanes well  


    Isaiah Turner (6’9/Wing/MM-) Auburndale, Florida / Team Breakdown

    PPG: 2.5  / FG%: 50 (4-8)  / 3FG%: 0-4 / FT%: 100 (2-2) / RPG: 1.23

    - Long and skilled forward with a guard skill set - numbers don’t match his talent level

    - Uses crafty handle to create space, has ability to pull up or use long strides to get to the rim      - Has reputation as a good shooter, expect his numbers to rise as he gets comfortable

    - Finishes well at the rim w/ both hands, can be crafty and finish around/under guys or rise up and finish over the defense

    Jimmy Beane (6’5/Wing/MM+) Potters House, Florida / E1T1             *On roster, not in Dallas


    Top Florida AAU Prospects 2019 Combo Forwards

    DeAntoni Gordon (6’8/CF/HM) Leflore, Alabama /Nike Team Florida Signed to Wichita State

    PPG: 3.5 / FG%: 60 (6-10) / 3FG%: 1-1 / FT%: 1-4 / RPG: 3.8 / BPG: 0.8  

    - Long & wiry strong dynamic forward - versatile, can play 3-5 on both ends of the floor  

    - Numbers are low due to the presence of Carey and Barnes, kid is a big time player

    - Plays off his jab step, great at ripping the ball and exploding to the rim - nice spin move

    - Good looking shot-mechanics, shows ability to pull up for mid-range and knockdown the 3   


    Dante Wilcox (6’6/CF/LM+) Oxbridge, Florida / E1T1

    PPG: 2.0  / FG%: 4-8  / 3FG%: 0-0 / FT%: 0-0 / RPG: 4.7 / BPG: 1.8

    - Strong/Explosive athlete with a lot of upside - can defend 1-5, growing perimeter game

    - Great rebounder, rebounds ball at its peak - can take dribble or two to extend outlet

    - Times shots very well, had 4 blocks against Mac Irvin Fire

    - Improving jump shot, will continue to improve after he reaches the next level


    Top Florida AAU Prospects 2019 Big’s

    Vernon Carey (6’10/Forward/Pro) University School, Florida / Nike Team Florida

    PPG: 18.0 / FG%: 56.1 / 3FG%: 33.3 / FT%: 65.7 / RPG:6.0  / APG: 1.0 / BPG: 0.5

    - A physical force with deceptive speed and an explosive offensive repertoire

    - Great footwork, attacks with both feet and finishes with both hands in the post

    - Shot almost 9 free throws a game, went 10-12 in his last game - Improving Jump Shot

    - Dynamic defender, moves his feet on the perimeter - covers ground for weak-side blocks  

    - High IQ player, crafty passer when he draws a double-team


    CJ Walker (6’7/Forward/MM+) Orlando Christian Prep, Florida / E1T1

    PPG: 11.8 / FG%: 56.2 / 3FG%: 33.3 (1-3) / FT%: 45.5 / RPG: 9.0 / BPG: 1.8 / SPG: 1.8

    - Long explosive athlete, very disruptive on the defensive end - Can defend 3-5

    - Great pick and roll/pop option - great lob finisher, catches passes, effective 15ft shooter

    - Improving his perimeter game, can handle the ball and beginning to extend range to 3

    - Has shown ability to handle the ball effectively, could potentially transition to the wing or be a versatile stretch 4


    Kai Jones (6’9/Forward/MM+) Orlando Christian Prep, Florida / Team Breakdown

    PPG: 7.0  / FG%: 63 / 3FG%: 0-3 / FT%: 57 (4-7) / RPG: 7.5 / BPG: 3.5

    - Incredibly long and wiry rim protecting forward with quick feet

    - Threat as a rim runner, has good hands and showed he can catch passes and finish

    - Continues to expand his game as he adds weight to his frame, might still be growing

    - Stock is rising fast, numbers and offers should continue to improve throughout the summer


    Kenny Isnord (6’9/Forward/MM-) Ely Branch, Florida  / Team Breakdown

    PPG: 3.0  / FG%: 33.0 (5-15)  / 3FG%: 0-0 / FT%: 33.0 (2-6)  / RPG: 3.0 / BPG: 1.25

    - Explosive athlete, defends 3-5 effectively and rebounds the ball at its peak   

    - Great 5 man for small ball, can switch everything and run the rim on offense

    - As he continues to improve his footwork and feel for the game his ceiling will rise

    - Class of 2018 - most likely going to post grad - Played on State Championship team


    HoopMIA Unsigned Senior Showcase RECAP

    By Connor Quigley 04/18/2018, 3:45pm EDT

    HoopMIA Unsigned Senior Showcase

    April 15, 2018

    We had a great turnout for our Unsigned Senior Showcase this weekend and our staff here at HoopMIA would like to thank all of the seniors who came out and participated.  There was a variety of talent in the gym and a number of College Coaches who we'd also like to thank for coming out.  It's our goal at HoopMIA to create an environment where players can connect with coaches and we feel that there were a number of players that really stood out on Sunday.  In today's write up I focused on guys who really caught my eye, but there were definitely more than 10 guys in the gym capable of playing college basketball and I encourage coaches to reach out if they have any questions about guys who are not on this list as well!  

        Top Performers (No particular order):


    Kamari Brown (6’5/SG/2018) Triple Threat Prep

    The electric shooting guard from Triple Threat Prep dominated throughout the day.  For anyone who’s seen Kamari play before, you weren’t overly surprised to see him rise up for a number of powerful tomahawks jams. However, Kamari also showed off his improved handle and jump shot throughout the day.  On two different occasions in his last game set, Kamari brought the ball down court and shook his man with a hesitation and knocked down two contested threes. High Major athlete with a growing skill set, a qualifier but from what I’ve heard most likely headed to JUCO - someone for Division I coaches to keep an eye on.  


    Ronique Spencer (6’5/Forward/2018) Oxbridge Academy

    Again, every time I see Ronique Spencer he gets significantly better.  The physical specimen from Oxbridge Academy officially has me convinced that he’s a Division I player, a year ago when I first saw him play you would’ve thought playing Division II was a reach.  This year at Oxbridge he made most of his contributions in the paint - high motor, a tenacious/powerful rebounder, and strong finisher (looks to dunk everything). On Sunday Ronique continued to show his ability to dominate in the paint, but also showed his drastically improved footwork, jump shot, and overall skill set on the perimeter.  A notorious gym rat, the young man has shown how dedicated he is to getting in the gym and improving his game on a daily basis. With a year of Prep School or Junior College I think we would get a chance to see how high his ceiling might be.


    Rowdens Albert (5’11/CG/2018) Atlantic High School

    Albert is the epitome of a combo guard. He was extremely effective all afternoon, especially in the pick and roll. He was impressively poised while turning the corner on ball screens to attack the paint - waiting until the defense reacted until he made his decision.  Albert also showed ability to create space and rise up from behind the arc, spaces the floor off the ball as a threat from the three point line.


    Rasheet Wilson (6’3/PG/2018) Game Changers Post Grad

    Wilson may have had the most complete offensive package at camp. Wilson who played for Game Changers post grad was dynamic with the ball in his hands. Wilson has a crisp handle and the ability to shoot off with bounce with range.  As a staff we were impressed with his on court demeanor, his ability as a floor general was evident as he was able to draw the defense and find the open man consistently . Wilson is fielding junior college options and Region VIII coaches should be all over the former Atlantic High School product.


    Brandon Alcide (6’1/PG/2018) Triple Threat Prep

    A tough competitor, Brandon used his length and athleticism to create plays on both ends of the floor on Sunday.  On the offensive end, he was comfortable making plays while isolated and out of the pick and roll. Very comfortable creating shots for himself off the bounce and showed he can knock-down deep jumpers with some consistency.  Throughout the day Brandon showed he has all of the leadership intangibles that a coach is looking for, positive high-energy, always supporting his teammates, and he plays to win. Would be an absolute steal for any of the NAIA schools in the Sun Conference.  


    Zach Kuhn (6’8/PF/2018) Dillard High School

    Blessed with a big frame and light feet, the Dillard big man showed off his versatility throughout the day.  Zach did most of his scoring as the screener in the pick and roll, showing the ability to catch passes and finish around the rim as well as the ability to pop and knock down perimeter jumpers.  Every DIII coach in the country should be after this kid, has the ability to be incredibly dominant at that level. Most likely see him playing for a DII school and having a solid career there, could fit well with a Sun Conference NAIA school.   


    Mike Starks (6’0/PG/2018) Palmetto Senior High School

    A crafty playmaker and gritty defender, Mike made winning plays on both ends of the floor.  Out of the pick and roll he had great timing, using an in and out dribble and hesitation to keep his defender off balance.  Mike was a willing passer when he drew the help defender, and also showed the ability to finish through contact around the rim. On the defensive end he was incredibly disruptive, creating chaos in the back court which led to sloppy passes and easy steals for the next line of defense.   


    Stock Rising:


    Addison Alufohai (6’5/CG/2018) Pines Charter

    Athletic playmaker who lit it up in the second game set, knocking down 5 consecutive threes during one stretch.  Addison showed he can do a little bit of everything; on the defensive end he showed great anticipation while playing the passing lanes, turning steals into transition dunks.  On offense he was solid out of the pick and roll, rose up comfortably for a couple smooth pull up jumpers.  Great attitude, during our workouts he was always the guy jumping in a drill when the lines were unbalanced, and he played hard consistently throughout the day.  


    Dominick Garcia (6’1/ComboGuard/2018) SLAM High

    The most impressive shooter of the afternoon, Dominick lit everyone up on Sunday.  Catch and shoot, off the dribble, heavily contested, didn’t matter, kid couldn’t miss.  Crafty combo guard who can play with and without the ball in his hands. Showed the ability to create for his teammates, and also read the defense correctly off the ball which opened him up for a number of open three’s.  High IQ player who knows how to play well with talent around him.           


    Mykale Carter (6’5/Wing/2018) Piper High School

    The long and wirey wing showed off his ability to drive the ball and score around the rim on Sunday.  Mykale has a real nose for the ball, he uses his length effectively and was very disruptive on defense - deflections, blocks, steals.  High motor and a great attitude, any college who brings this young man in is getting a great addition to their program.


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