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Summer Hoops Festival Live - Awards RECAP

By Connor Quigley , 07/23/18, 3:45PM EDT


Summer Hoops Festival - Awards RECAP


Coach Quigs’

Summer Hoops Festival Live

Awards Recap

This is not a ranking, these teams and awards were developed based on the work each of these young men put in last week at Summer Hoops Festival Live. Big thank you to Corey Rollins and Source Hoops for all the work they put in to make this event possible!!


Most Outstanding Player:  

Darin Green Jr. (6’4/SG/2019) CP25

Top Prospect:

Anthony Edwards (6’5/SG/2020) Atlanta Xpress

Top Rising Freshman:

Lewis Fernandez (6’5/SG/2022) NY Lightning


All Tournament Teams

Class of 2019 All Tournament First Team

  • Tyrell Jones (6’2/PG/2019) Showtime Ballers

  • Dashawn Davis (6’3/CG/2019) NY Lightning

  • CJ Walker (6’7/CF/2019) E1T1

  • Kai Jones (6’10/F/2019) Team Breakdown

  • Omar Payne (6’10/F/2019) CP25


Class of 2019 All Tournament Second Team

  • Chase Hunter (6’3/PG/2019) Atlanta Xpress

  • Isaiah Kirby (6’3/CG/2019) Team Speights

  • James Bishop (6’3/CG/2019) Team Thrill

  • Kuany Kuany (6’9/W/2019) Florida Sons

  • Jaelyn Withers (6’7/CF/2019) Team Loaded NC


Class of 2019 All Tournament Third Team

  • Anyiarnbany Makoi (6’5/PG/2019) Florida Sons

  • Samuel Griffin (6’3/CG/2019) Team Autonation

  • James Franklin Jr. (6’4/SG/2019) Team Loaded NC

  • Damari Monsanto (6’6/W/2019) Team Breakdown

  • Isaiah Turner (6’9/W/2019) Team Breakdown


Honorable Mention: Jonathan Dos Anjos, Michael Christmas, Jordan Dingle, Xavier Johnson, Justin Webster, Chase Paar, Johnnie Williams IV, Isaad Solano, Ja’Mare Redus, Kmani Doughty, Noble Crawford, Lance Terry, Isaiah Palermo, Kenny Isnord, Tyson Jackson, Josh Mart, Moltere Charles, Sama’Zha Hart, Brandon Gainey, Toru Dean, Seth Coleman, Dante Wilcox, Yohamid Rodriguez, Chase Johnston, Klein Alexandre, Cross Pratapas, Austin Geller


Class of 2020 All Tournament First Team

  • Jamal Mashburn Jr. (6’0/PG/2020) Team Breakdown

  • Posh Alexander (6’2/PG/2020) NY Lightning

  • Selton Miguel (6’4/SG/2020) Team Breakdown

  • Henry Coleman (6’8/CF/2020) Team Loaded VA

  • Mark Williams (7’0/C/2020) Team Loaded VA


Class of 2020 All Tournament Second Team

  • Julio Rodriguez (6’0/PG/2020) NY Lightning

  • Alec Oglesby (6’4/SG/2020) Thunderstruck Elite

  • Kentron Poitier (6’4/SG/2020) Triple Threat

  • Earl Timberlake (6’6/SG/2020) Team Loaded VA

  • Michael Eads (6’5/W/2020) CP25


Class of 2020 All Tournament Third Team

  • Gabe Taylor (6’0/PG/2020) Wade Elite

  • Jose-Luis Benetiz (6’1/PG/2020) Triple Threat

  • Kobe Knox (6’3/CG/2020) E1T1

  • Jadrian Tracey (6’5/SG/2020) Team Breakdown

  • Jacob Crews (6’7/W/2020) Thunderstruck Elite


Honorable Mention: Adrian Thelwell, Eric Butler, Makarios Russell, Jamille Reynolds, Jordan Smalls, Jordan Smith, Dallas Graziani, Jonathan Alexandre, Jalen Cone, Brandon Sanders, Josh Gammage, Samuel Rolle IV, Kahil Shaheed, Bradley Douglas, Eric Canavan,


Class of 2021 All Tournament Team

  • AJ Neal (6’0/PG/2021) Showtime Ballers

  • Jordan Shorter (6’5/CG/2021) Team Breakdown

  • Dallan Coleman (6’4/SG/2021) E1T1

  • Wesley Cardet (6’5/CG/2021) Team Breakdown

  • James Repass (6’10/F/2021) E1T1

Honorable Mention: Darius Johnson, Taderrius Davis, Michael James, Camden Easley, Jackson Miller, Jalen Smith, Marcos Molina, Julian Cheese, Eathen Williams Jr., Bryce Turner, Gabriel Kincy