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RECAP: Summer Hoops Festival LIVE Day 2

By Connor Quigley , 07/21/18, 2:45PM EDT


Once again here are our top performers from day 2 of Summer Hoops Festival LIVE.

Darin Green Jr. (6’4/SG/2019) CP25

  • One of the best shooter in the country, par none. Took over down the stretch of a big game against Atl Xpress.. Really intelligent and fundamental when coming off screens, reads the defense well, sets his feet and lets it go quickly.. Impressive day, I’m surprised more schools aren’t all over this kid.


Kairo Oquendo (6’5/SG/2020) CP25

  • Has had two very impressive days in a row, super athletic with a knack for getting in the paint.. Get’s downhill quickly and can jump with the best of them, his stock will continue to rise throughout the summer as he plays in front of more coaches.. Only a matter of time


Dante Wilcox (6’6/CF/2019) Team Speights

  • Has been impressive all week, I’ve been telling everyone to stop sleeping on this young man.. Always comes to play, I’ve yet to see him in a high level game where he wasn’t able to compete at the same level as high major prospects.. Coaches, he can guard high major athletes at multiple positions!! Wake up.


Klein Alexandre (6’4/CG/2019) Team Speights

  • Has been a great glue guy for Team Speights this week, always in the mix for loose balls and rebounds.. Strong/Athletic build, got in the paint a lot and made some things happen for his teammates.. High Level D2 prospect, could sneak into a LM program if his jump shot and ability to finish at the rim can develop


Kentron Poitier (6’4/SG/2020) Triple Threat

  • Impressed Coaches with his athletic ability and nose for the ball.. Showed he has the ability to knock down the 3 ball.. Always in the mix for rebounds and loose balls


Jose-Luis Benetiz (6’1/PG/2020) Triple Threat

  • Has looked great this week, smooth with the ball on offense and tough on defense.. Has shown he has great court vision and the ability to fit passes through tight spots.. can score in a number of different ways, pull up game has been on point.


Yohamid Rodriguez (5’11/PG/2019) Triple Threat

  • Crafty guard with a great handle, always in control of the ball.. Love his defensive tenacity, has great hands and quick feet.. Constantly pressuring the ball.


Alec Oglesby (6’4/SG/2020) Thunderstruck

  • Super talented shooting guard, sets hit feet quickly and needs no time or space to get his shot off.. Has the ability to make plays with or without the ball in his hands.. Crafty handle and a natural ability to score the basketball   


Jacob Crews (6’7/W/2020) Thunderstruck

  • one of the best shooters I saw this week, needs no time or space to get his shot off.. High release point, able to get his shot off even while contested.. Did a solid job rebounding on the defensive end


Chase Hunter (6’3/PG/2019) Atlanta Xpress

  • Really stepped up in their game against CP25.. The ball was forced out of Anthony Edwards hands, and Chase was able to abuse the weak side defender trying to closeout on him.. Hit the deep ball, then used his shot fake well.. From there he showed off a smooth pull up game and some bounce at the rim.. Impressive day, definitely a stock riser.


Anthony Edwards (6’5/SG/2020) Atlanta Xpress

  • Was impressed with the way he handled the constant double teams from CP25, wasn’t afraid to make the right play and allow his teammates capitalize on 4on3 and 3on2 advantages.. When he did have the chance to see single coverage it was poetry in motion.. Really fun to watch when he gets it going.


James Bishop (6’3/CG/2019) Team Thrill

  • Showed why he was one of the top recruited scorers in the country.. Hit shots from everywhere, executed out of he pick&roll consistently, and found the open man when he got in the paint.. Certified bucket.


Damari Monsanto (6’6/W/2019) Team Breakdown

  • Has continued to impress during the Summer Live period.. Has the ability to create a shot for himself on the perimeter, mid-range, or the post.. Has looked much more aggressive on the defensive end and on the boards.. Expect more high major coaches to start taking notice of the Breakdown standout


Kai Jones (6’10/F/2019) Team Breakdown

  • Was a force in the paint again on Day 2.. Felt like he made every shot difficult, if he didn’t block it he heavily contested every shot that came his way.. Continues to show his growing skill set in the mid-post and the wing.. Really tough competitor.


Selton Miguel (6’4/SG/2020) Team Breakdown

  • One of the top two way players in his class, Selton has shown off his improved jump shot all week.. As he continues to improve that aspect of his game expect the hype to rise and the offers to follow!