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Pangos All American Camp FINAL Recap

By Connor Quigley , 06/05/18, 10:00PM EDT




Connor Quigley

Director of Scouting

Pangos All American Camp

Final Recap


Had an incredible experience at Pangos All American Camp this weekend. There was almost too much high level talent in the gym, however I was very impressed with the how well these Elite players were able to play as a unit throughout the weekend. Coach Dave Miller gave a great exhibition on motion offense and gave them different options on how to read and react to the defense. The kids picked up on it and it made for some very entertaining team basketball. Here’s my final recap and thoughts on the weekend for all of the Florida players, thank you to everyone who followed the action on Twitter your support is much appreciated!!


Scottie Barnes (6’8/CF/2020) University School / Nike Team Florida

Solidified himself as one of the elite players at camp on his final day.  His stat sheet was balanced throughout the weekend, averaging around 7pts 5reb and 4ast. In a lot of camps of this magnitude you’ll see big time players get excited and try to do too much, Scottie stood out as a winner.  No matter who he played with, he was always leading and looking to make his teammates better. His greatest attribute as a player is probably his basketball IQ, you can tell he already understands how to play the game at a very high level. Offensively he consistently made the right read, whether that was finding an open teammate or finishing the play himself.  I think a lot of coaches will almost be more excited what he’s able to bring to their program as a defender. He was comfortable pressuring anyone, whether that was Sharife Cooper or Isaiah Todd he was always in an attack mentality. His basketball IQ really shines through his ability to communicate, he was able to orchestrate traps and rotations with guys he had never played with before.  That was probably the aspect of his personality that impressed me the most, his ability to lead at an Elite level.


Marcei Caston (6’3/CG/2019) Potters House / E1T1

Probably one of the most underrated guys at camp this weekend, had a number of moments throughout the weekend where he’d leave the entire gym in awe.  His handle is on a string, he’s able to explode at an elite level once he sees the lane, and when he takes off it really shocks you how high he gets off the ground.  His body type doesn’t scream elite bounce, but make no mistake about it that’s exactly what he has. His highlight tape from this weekend is going to leave the impression he dominated, because in flashes that’s what he was able to do.  Marcei has shown on the EYBL circuit this spring that he’s a very talented scorer, averaging about 14ppg shooting 50% from the floor. Expect to see a lot of offers head his way throughout the next few months, his stock is rising fast!   


Moussa Diabate’ (6’10/F/2021) Florida Prep / Nightrydas 

Moussa unfortunately didn’t play in the final day of camp, however he definitely made an impression on everyone throughout the week.  For a freshman playing out of position for most of the weekend, Moussa handled himself with poise and maturity beyond his years. Never backed down from a challenge, was always battling for position inside and constantly displayed his versatility as a defender. When he had the ball in the post he showed off his fluid footwork and patience, used his shot fake very well to get his defender off his feet.  Was very impressed with his perimeter game, kept it simple but remained effective. His jumper has range out to the perimeter, uses his shot fake very well and follows it with a strong jab step. Moussa proved he’s going to be one of the top national prospects for years to come.


Tre Mann (6’3/PG/2019) The Villages / E1T1

Tre solidified himself as an elite prospect in the country this weekend, I think you’re going to see him rise considerably in a lot of the National Rankings by the end of the summer. Lethal with the ball in his hands, needs no time or space to get his shot off - has the ability to shake a defender, quickly set his feet and let it go.  But no matter how hot he gets he’s always under control. A terrific floor general - keeps the floor spaced out, reads the defense and makes the right play consistently. Also has very unassuming bounce, can rise over defenders and finish but prefers to hang, absorb contact, and finish.


Omar Payne (6’10/F/2019) Osceola / Team CP25
Does everything a high major coach could want from his Big man. Defensively he’s an elite rim protector that has the foot speed and coordination to defend on the perimeter. A terrific ball screen defender, he’s able to hedge and recover or switch and defend a perimeter player. Offensively he’s a dangerous play finisher, has good hands when catching tight passes and finishes way above the rim. A high motor mixed with length & athleticism, it isn’t hard to see why Omar’s stock has been rising quickly throughout the spring. He plays the game with an edge that you can’t teach, takes pride in the way he plays - an admirable quality any coach wants to see in one of their players.  


Zaire Wade (6’2/CG/2020) American Heritage / E1T1
Zaire continued to improve throughout the weekend, really starting to make a name for himself in grassroots basketball.  Went off in his last few camp games and played himself into one of the All Star Games. Played a lot of good minutes as a floor general, showed a solid basketball IQ and made the right reads out of the pick & roll. Was playing at his best when he stayed fundamental, reading and reacting to the defense. His stock will continue to rise as he continues to improve as a floor general and adds consistency to his jumper.


CJ Walker (6’8/F/2019) OCP / E1T1

CJ really made a name for himself this weekend, started the weekend off playing within himself while he felt out the level of competition. Beginning on Day 2 however he really started to blossom, stepped his game up to a new level.  CJ has had the reputation as a respected mid-range shooter, his improved range was on display all weekend though. When his feet were set he shot a very high percentage, the ball comes off his fingertips smooth and he gets nice rotation on his shot. He also made a number of nice drives he finished off with a tough spin move, showed he can be a real threat from the perimeter.  Even with all the aspects of his game that have improved, CJ still did all of the things that got him recognized and invited to Camp in the first place. Can defend 1-5, rebounds at a high level, and plays with a very high motor. As he continues to round out his entire skill set his stock is only going to rise. Breakout weekend from the Sanford product.