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Pangos All American Camp Day 2 RECAP

By Connor Quigley , 06/03/18, 2:30AM EDT



Connor Quigley

Director of Scouting

Pangos All American Camp

Day 2 Recap


I expect most of Florida will be waking up to this in the morning, it was another great day of Camp in Los Angeles!! It's been a great experience covering everything so far, really excited to see how things wrap up tomorrow!!  Here's my recap from today:

Scottie Barnes (6’8/CF/2020)

Very much fits the mold of “Positionless Basketball,” so to label him a Combo Forward is a little misleading. Scottie makes everyone on the court better, his energy is contagious and he plays to win.  Defensively he’s everywhere, a great communicator who’s always looking to pressure the ball. Offensively he’s an elite playmaker from the perimeter and the post, had a number of beautiful passes turned turnovers because his teammates were surprised he was able to get them the ball in certain spots.  The kind of player that could fit in with any college team in the country right now and make them better.


Marcei Caston (6’3/CG/2019)

Still upset with myself for missing the back to back dunks he had in the last game on video, it’s crazy how high off the ground he’s able to get. He changes speeds very well, unassumingly explodes past/over guys. Consistency is key; has stretches where he gets hot and changes the pace of the game, and other stretches where he doesn’t get touches and disappears a bit. When he’s got it going he’s one of the best scorers at Camp.


Moussa Diabate’ (6’10/F/2021)

I was wrong to limit his offensive potential to the post and mid-post, Moussa really impressed me today.  Although he’s one of the youngest kids at camp he still has a great feel for the game. He does a great job on the offensive glass, even when he doesn’t come down with the rebound he’s constantly putting pressure on the defense to keep him off the glass. On the perimeter he’s used his jab step effectively and blown by guys who were smaller and quicker than he was. Even during stretches where he wasn’t getting a lot of touches, he was always making an impact with his defense and rebounding.


Tre Mann (6’3/PG/2019)

Picked up today right where he left off, ran the show and was able to create any shot he wanted for himself.  Went off in his first game today; hit threes, got to the rim, created for his teammates, all while remaining cool, calm, and collected.  He has a mature demeanor on the floor, never gets too hot or too cold - always in attack mode. Tomorrow will be a big day for him as far as solidifying himself as a premier player at camp.    


Omar Payne (6’10/F/2019)

Another impressive day for the dynamic Team Parson’s Forward.  His ability to stand out without getting the amount of touches he probably should offensively speaks alone towards his talent level.  We saw more ball handling from Omar today, there were a number of times he pulled down a rebound and started the break himself. Also displayed his vision out of the post, had a great sequence where he dropped a back door pass to a cutter and then received the ball right back for a powerful slam.       


Zaire Wade (6’2/CG/2020)

Was a much more comfortable player today, made a number of crafty moves to free himself up to make plays.  Continued to show his playmaking ability out of the pick and roll, handled the ball with poise and control.  Showcased his ability as a shotmaker, stepped into a couple of jumpers he created off the dribble and knocked them down confidently.  Have been a little more impressed with him in each game I’ve seen, expect his stock to continue to rise throughout the summer.


CJ Walker (6’8/F/2019)

Super impressed with his defensive performance in the first game on one of the top Big’s in his class Charles Bassey.  Could absolutely be a small ball 5 at the next level, has the athleticism and length to make things difficult for high level bigs. Offensively he continued to show his improved ability to attack from the perimeter, has a long first step and uses his spin move effectively when the defender over-commits.  An incredibly versatile prospect, could fulfill a number of different roles at the next level.