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Pangos All American Camp Day 1 RECAP

By Connor Quigley , 06/02/18, 12:45PM EDT



Connor Quigley

Director of Scouting

Pangos All American Camp

Day 1 Recap

Pangos All American camp got off to a fast start last night, a lot of talent mixed with a competitive atmosphere made for some exciting basketball.  Here’s a quick recap of how the hoopers from Florida performed:


Marcei Caston (6’3/CG/2019)

This might be a breakout weekend for Marcei, showed some flashes last night that proved he can step up and take over a high level game.  Known as a versatile scorer, however I think his competitive edge is what’s going to take him to that next level. Had a play yesterday where he split the defense and fearlessly attempted to rise up on a 6’10 big body center, drew the foul but the attempt alone showed where his mind is at.  If he can consistently play to his potential this weekend I think you’re going to see his stock rise dramatically.


Moussa Diabate’ (6’10/F/2021)

This weekend is going to be a big test for the super talented Freshman.  Moussa’s playing on a team that has a few bigs who are older and stronger than he is, so it was my first time witnessing him get some touches on the perimeter.  I was impressed, although the perimeter isn't where he’s most effective or comfortable he remained aggressive and looked to make plays. I think as he continues to mature Moussa’s going to be able to dominate the Block and the Mid-post.  He already possesses solid footwork, and showed he has the coordination to make a move comfortably and pull-up for a mid-range jump shot. This should be a great learning experience for the young big fella.


Tre Mann (6’3/PG/2019)

Tre is going to have a shot to play himself into MOP this weekend, the young man is cold.  Set the tone early in the game with a couple of 3’s, and then showed off a repertoire of hesitation moves he used to keep the defender at his whim.  Although he had a very impressive scoring performance, I was almost more impressed with the way he ran the show as a floor general. Controlled the pace of the game, got everyone involved and made sure he kept his teammates spaced out.  Really interested to see how he plays the rest of the weekend, if he can continue to play at this level there won’t be too much anyone will be able to do to stop him.


Omar Payne (6’10/F/2019)

Omar had quite a few highlights from last night’s action, a number of disrespectful blocks mixed with some powerful finishes.  When he got his touches he made things happen, however he had two other big’s on his team trying to operate in the paint as well which clogged the lane a little bit. Although I’ve seen him operate on the perimeter comfortably in the past, last night Omar stuck to his guns and showed why he’s considered one of the best, if not the best, rim protectors in the country.  There’s a ton of big talent at Pangos this weekend, this is a great opportunity for Omar to stake his claim as one of the premier Forwards in the country.


Zaire Wade (6’2/CG/2020)

Zaire had a solid performance in his first game at Pangos, played within himself and ran the show effectively as a point guard.  Mostly worked out of the pick and roll, he did a great job drawing the hedge defender and consistently made the right read. It was my first time seeing him play live, from what I was told he was always more of a SG than a natural PG - But I think we’re going to see a lot more Point from him this weekend, he has two of the best Scoring Guards in the country on his team and a couple of talented big men. He could have a great showing this weekend if he continues to build on his first day, showed he has the potential to facilitate and run the show at a high level.  


CJ Walker (6’8/F/2019)

This is going to be a good weekend for CJ as far as expanding his perimeter game.  With the amount of size on the floor, he got a lot of touches at the top of the key and on the wing he doesn’t normally get.  The range on his jump-shot has continued to expand, swished a deep 3 from the wing to end the first half. Was impressed how comfortable he was handling the ball in the full court, wasn’t as fluent as a guard but he was in control of the ball and didn’t get out of control.  He’s always going to impact the game at a high level as a versatile defender and as a rebounder, however his ceiling will rise as he continues to add versatility to his offensive game.