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2018 Miami Summer Hoops Festival Prospect Preview

By HoopMIA, 05/11/18, 8:45PM EDT



Miami Summer Hoops Festival

17u Top Prospect Preview


Team Breakdown

Kai Jones (6’9/F/2019)

Demari Monsanto (6’6/W/2019)

Jamal Mashburn Jr. (6’0/CG/2020)



Omar Payne (6’10/F/2019)

Darin Green Jr (6’4/SG/2019)

Josh Marte (5’10/PG/2019)


South Florida Kings

Nathan Johnson (6’8/F/2018)

Nick Backer (6’0/PG/2018)

Ronique Spencer (6’6/Forward/2018)


Triple Threat

Chino Rodriguez (5’10/PG/2019)

Alex Rodriguez (6’6/F/2019)

Carl Bigord (6’6/F/2020)


Gold Coast

Isaad Solano (6’2/CG/2019)

Jojo Nunez (6’0/PG/2019)

Luis Pacheco (5’9/PG/2019)


South Florida Rockets

Inady Legiste (6’6/F/2020)

Dave Herard (6’2/SG/2020)

Chayse Culpepper (6’0/PG/2020)


Showtime Ballers

Robert Hardy (6’5/W/2019)

Jalen Nesmith (6’0/PG/2020)

AJ Neal (6’0/PG/2021)


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