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PREVIEW:Source Hoops Orlando Hoops Festival

By HoopMIA, 07/20/17, 2:45PM EDT


Our staff at HoopMIA appreciate others who try to do well and bring exciting basketball to Florida. Source Hoops consistently provides a quality product. Last year, Source Hoops was a huge success throwing the Miami Summer Hoops Festival at St. Thomas University during the last live period in July. This year Source Hoops has changed up the scenery taking there show to Orlando bringing together some of the best team independent teams Florida has, as well as teams from Nike, Under Armour, and Adidas circuits. While we cannot give you a preview to all the teams we don't know, below is an attached version of the schedule and a preview of some team's players that coaches must look out for at Orlando Summer Hoops Festival. 

Miami Tropics

The Tropics are led by Art Alvarez and Miami Christian head coach Juan Cardona. Their team features a number of division one prospects, including former Nike Team Florida Neftali Alvarez(6'1/PG/2018), Jeffery Hernandez(6'3/SG/2018), and Miguel Diaz(6'4/F/2018). Reports have it that former shoe circuit journeyman Joey Martinez(6'6/F/2019) will join the Tropics. No telling what kind of impact he will make as he has had a rocky summer to say the least. The Tropics will be one of the most prepared, well coached teams in Orlando Summer Hoops Festival. Coaches if you are there and do not have there team circled on your schedules you are making a mistake. 


Triple Threat

Triple Threat has put together a talented 17U roster after running with a group of unsigned seniors in the spring. That team featured Malcolm Nicholas, Jon Brown(Georgia Tech) and William Blet(Eastern University). This team will be much different from the unsigned group. Triple Threat will be rolling with some young prospects like Kentron Poitier(6'4/SF/2020) and Taderrius Harris(6'5/F/2021) and some under the radar talent like Marlon Suarez(6'0/PG/2018) and Josh Williams(5'9//CG/2019). Look for Triple Threat to turn some heads. 

On The Rise

On The Rise, the champions of the US Amateur HoopMIA Spring Kick Off are another team from Miami with a few under the radar prospects. Sebastian Guitan(6'7/F/2018) has added size and has improved his motor especially on the glass. Look for Guitan as an intriguing prospect with skill and size if you come across On The Rise at the Orlando Summer Hoops Festival. 

Florida Sons

The Florida Sons who compete on the Adidas Gauntlet Gold Circuit are lead by program director Loren Jackson. Jackson has a number of talented players on his roster, non more so than John Anjos(6'8/F/2018) has elite athleticism and sound looking jump shot. The Florida Sons also feature combo guard Jack Youmen(6'1/CG/2018) along with a number of other recruitable post players. Another team that must be circled on college coaches schedules at the Orlando Summer Hoops Festival. 

Showtime Ballers

Showtime Ballers have a number of programs in attendance except for the 17U team. Showtime Ballers are loaded from top to bottom of their program. If any college coaches in attendance do not need a lot in the 2018 class they would be wise to do their early work in 2019 and 2020 and check out Showtime Ballers young prospects. 

Team Parsons(CP25)

Team Parsons has been one of the top programs in Florida for quite some time now. From top to bottom, Team Parsons boasts prospects like Robert Allen(6'8/F/2018) Omar Payne(6'9/F/2019) and Kario Oquendo(6'5/SF/2020). Each one of those players are receiving big time offers and headline teams with a ton of talent. These guys will have coaches flocking at there games. 

Team Breakdown

Team Breakdown. Honestly when you say the name Team Breakdown you know what you are going to watch. Team Breakdown boasts one of the most talented back courts in the country. Anfernee Simons(6'4/CG/2018) and Elijiah Weaver(6'4/PG/2018) take care of business leading the UAA to a number 1 seed during Under Armour Association and both were selected to play in UAA SC30 Select camp in San Fransisco,CA. Besides Weaver, Breakdown boasts a roster of recruitable prospects, Dowunna, Uyaelumno, Person and more. Worth noting you should check out their 15U and 16U rosters.  Breakdown features a number of talented up and comers if any of you coaches want to get a head start in recruiting. 

There a ton more teams we could have written about, but as we are not certain of every player on each roster we chose to play it safe and write about we know. We are excited to get out there and cover the best event in Florida this weekend. 

Below is a link to Orlando Hoops Festival Schedule, video's and Source Hoops College Coaches Cheat Sheet. 

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Source Hoops:Orlando Summer Hoops Festival

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