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Program Spotlight: St. Peterburg College

By HoopMIA, 09/03/20, 4:45PM EDT


Coach Earnest Crumbley,  a 2014 Florida Juco Hall of Fame inductee, has something to prove this year with a talented St. Petersburg squad.  Coach Crumbley has spent the last 28 years building a staple Juco program in Region-8 and his team is working hard to compete for this years National Championship.  Today our staff caught up with Coach to discuss his program: 


2019-2020 St. Petersburg College signees:

-Kobie Johnson-Clayton State

A list of newcomers and returners:


1. Damon Davis 

2. Bryan Williams

3. Teddy Bayi- Ba Mandeng

4. Ivan Mbaigoto

5. Jaylen Bates



1. Martin Mercedes

2. Kendrick Brown

3. Jonathan Kanyanga

4. Amadou Souleye-Faye

5. Gardner Williams

6. Christopher Williams

7. Bobby Harris, Jr.

8. Jyresse Yothers


 What are your expectations for St. Pete's this coming year?

Our team expectation are same every year.  Our goals is to be Mid Florida Conference Champions, win the Region and compete for a National Championship. 


How do you feel about NJCAA decision to move basketball to a spring session?

I happy that we have a season for the sophomores on this year’s team.

What players will you miss the most from last season? Who are you most excited to coach next year? 

Kobie Johnson, Bryan Williams and Damon Davis.


 What changes do you expect to see in all of college basketball this coming season due to COVID-19? (Non-NJCAA how it effects 4-year schools recruiting calendar)

I hope that we will have the games that we have schedule and no inference. Travel is the biggest concern for the greater good.


Will you be open to playing more geographically located prep schools this year?

Not this year’s due to limitations on games (24) we can play.


How does the new law in the state of Florida allowing college athletes to accept endorsements affect the junior college student athlete?

No comment.


 Who would be your all time-starting 5? (Of the guys you coached at all schools)

 I been at St Petersburg College for 28 years and coached over 400 players.  I enjoyed coaching them all.  Here are five that come to mind today.

Eric Dobson: University of Maine

Devante Pratt: Angelo State

McHugh Mattis: USF Bulls

Jason Burnell: Jacksonville State University

 Kenneth Williams: Ole Miss