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Miami the New Mecca for NBA Skills Trainers

By HoopMIA, 07/02/20, 2:15PM EDT


Summer in Miami is one of the hotbeds for athletes during their offseason.  Athletes are enjoying the heat, the beaches, of course the gyms located every few blocks. Although Miami is known for offseason workouts for football players, a new trend has emerged for NBA players. At one point LA and Las Vegas were the hotbeds for NBA offseason littered with high level trainers. Recently Miami has become the new Mecca for offseason training. Miami is home to some of the best NBA skills trainers which include: Andrew Moran, Aaron Winshall & Jorge Milo (Miami Hoop School) Stanley Remy (Remy Workouts) Ronnie Taylor( Taylor Sports Group) Derrick De La Grana (De La Grana Basketball), Fui Martinez, Sean Alexis Jr., Nick Friedman, Reese Wood, and Haseeb Fasihi. These guys among many others here in South Florida, are attracting a high volume of NBA, college and elite high school players  to come down and improve their skill sets. Each of these guys boast an impressive client list and seem to all get a long and respect each others work. 

This summer is different than normal especially with the NBA reboot coming at the end of July. Players are taking advantage of Florida's lifted restrictions and elite level trainers in preparation for Orlando. The Instagram feeds of these trainers  have been filled with players preparing for the NBA reboot or players preparing for the season to come.  In the future HoopMIA is looking to collaborate with these individuals hoping to bring some of the best instruction to our South Florida grassroots basketball community. 

Below are some videos we have created recently and/or have been shared with us over the years of these trainers doing what they do best! Enjoy!