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Coaches Notebook: The Warm-Up

By HoopMIA, 11/01/19, 7:00PM EDT



Reggie Luis (2021 6’4 Wing)- Luis is a talented prospect who can score at all 3 levels. He really excels in the mid-range where he uses his length to elevate over smaller defenders. He was the leading scorer for the Explorers throughout the event. 


Scottie Middleton (2023 6’6 Wing)- Middleton has a chance to develop into an elite prospect. The freshman has great length and his perimeter game looks improved every chance we get to see him. He plays with a great motor and competes on every possession. 


Brendan Golden (2020 6’4 Wing)- Golden does his best work when he uses his speed and skill on perimeter against bigger and slower defenders. The senior is a tough cover when he is knocking down his jumper. As his ball handling improves, he will continue to develop as a college prospect. 


Coral Gables

Kuran Bryant (2022 6’5 F)- Bryant is a beast inside the paint. He is a tenacious rebounder and plays with great strength and athleticism. The sophomore finishes well in transition and is developing his ball handling. You will not find many guys that play harder and tougher than the Cavaliers forward. 


Jimel Lane (2022 6’6 Wing)- Lane has a chance to develop into a high level prospect. The sophomore wing is freakishly athletic and is a terror in transition. He displayed his ball handling and shooting potential throughout the weekend. If those skills become consistent he will establish himself as one of the best players in South Florida. 


Desmond Romer (2021 6’0 PG)- The Gables sophomore plays with elite speed and pace. He was knocking down three point shots all weekend long. He is a tough on ball defender and is the engine for the Cavaliers attack. He is one of the area’s top guards and is set for a breakout season. 


Walter Daniels (2020 6’4 Wing)- The junior has turned himself into one of the city’s better defensive players. He plays with great energy and a motor. He spearheaded a Gables strategy that sent double teams at opponent's primary players. He has improved his offensive game and was making mid range shots with regularity. 


Coral Park

Ga’khari Lacount (2020 6’2 PG)- The Lynn university commit was the top scorer in the event. Everytime we see him he seems to have improved or fine tuned a skill. He was great at finishing at the basket with skill and power throughout the event. Lacount has the ball on the string and is playing with extreme confidence. He has developed into an outstanding player. Lynn got themselves a steal in the Ram’s standout. 


Andrew Lopez (2020 6’0 PG)- Lopez is a steady performer that helps his team in all aspects. He is great on ball defender and makes all the little plays that lead to wins. He is a no nonsense ball handler that gets to spots quickly and finishes well at the basket. He is a consistent outside shooter and is great at finding teammates for open shots. 


Eddie Ramirez (2020 5’10 PG)- Ramirez plays with great intensity and is a crafty ball handler. The senior is a tough and willing defender that puts great pressure on the ball. He is a consistent shooter and is great at penetrating for scores and assists. The senior is part of a three point guard attack for the Rams and they do a great job of making the game easy for each other. 


Sebastian Gonzalez (2020 6’4 Wing)- The senior is a tough defender who fares well when matched up with bigger opponents. He is a consistent shooter and is great at stretching defenses. He is a utility player for the Rams and plays a lot of spots for them. He will be a great fit at a division 3 program. 


Coral Springs

Greg Gordon (2020 6’5 Wing)- Gordon was one of the best players at the event. He is a great athlete who excels in transition. The senior finishes at the basket at an elite level. He is a tough competitor who elevates the level of his teammates with his play. 


Kerns Monvilus (2020 6’4 Wing)- Monvilus was one of the best pure athletes at the event. He plays above the rim and is an excellent defender. The senior plays with a great motor and is an intriguing prospect. 


Doral Academy

Devin Carter (2020 6’4 G)- Carter is a pure scorer. The senior is a knockdown shooter that does not need much space to get his attempts off. He uses his length and athleticism to score around the basket. He is a high major prospect and was one of the leading scorers in the event. 


Jeffrey Bujan (2020 6’0 G)- Bujan is an excellent shooter who is good at getting open and hunting shots. He was a consistent shooter throughout the event and was solid on defense. As he improves his playmaking and driving, he will continue to develop into a better college prospect. 


Fort Lauderdale

Alex Vertus (2020 6’4 G)- Vertus was one of the best players in the event. He guided his team to the semifinals and was a consistent performer. He uses his strength and speed to attack the basket at will. He could also be counted on to hit perimeter shots in every outing. The senior is a prospect that college programs should be aware of. 


Jaylin Bain (2021 5’11 PG)


PBC Hoops

Larry Scott (2020 6’3 G)- Scott is a senior for Jupiter high school. He already holds an offer from Navy and it is easy to see why college programs are interested in him. He is a strong guard that plays under control. He is a three level scorer and takes pride in guarding the other teams top scorer every game. 


Alix Gilles (2021 5’11 PG)- Gilles is a junior at Grandview prep who played with the mixed PBC Hoops squad this weekend. Gilles is a steady ball handler and was one of the top three point shooters at the event. He is a threat to make multiple shots every time he steps on the court. 



Ryan Bewley (2023 6’9 Wing) & Matt Bewley (2023 6’9 Wing)- Both Bewley brothers are phenomenal talents. They both have an expanding perimeter game and are great athletes for their age. They both have a great chance to be national prospects. They also displayed improved shot making abilities. 


Tyrecke Francios (2020 5’11 PG)- The senior guard is a tough nosed shot maker. Francios, who transferred after winning a state title at Ely last season, is an excellent on ball defender. He is left handed and a strong ball handler. He hit a huge step back buzzer beat three-pointer to give his team a win this weekend. 


Schoolhouse Prep

Jimel Cofer (2021 6’4 PG)- Jimel put on a show all weekend long. Cofer is an outstanding athlete who loves to compete. He is great in transition and found his teammates for easy baskets throughout the weekend. The Wolfpack’s junior takes pride in his ability to guard and is the engine of his team’s attack. He is a high level prospect. 


Jayven Cofer (2023 6’1 PG)- The younger Cofer lit it up in a matchup against South Miami. He hit several tough pull up and contested shots. Only a freshman, he has a chance to develop into a great prospect and one of the area’s better players. The Warmup was just a preview of the talent and potential of this young guard. 


Anthony Lopez (2020 6’4 G)- The senior is smooth scorer that can fill up a stat sheet quickly. He is a crafty finisher and uses his length well around the basket. He was able to make shots consistently throughout the event as well. He is just scratching the surface of his potential and will be a prospect that draws a lot of attention. 


Cedrick Saint Jean (2020 6’0 G)- Jean has great speed and athleticism. He has turned himself into a fantastic on ball defender. He is great at scoring and beating the defense down the floor in transition. When he is knocking down shots, he is a tough defensive assignment. 


Somerset Pines

Nathan Montaque (2020 6’5 Wing)- Montaque has a great size and shooting combination. He stretches the defense and puts a lot of strain on players his size that have to guard him. When teams out smaller defenders on them he bullies them inside. He is the leader for the Panthers and should have a big senior season. 


Michael King (2020 6’2 G)- King is a do it all performer for the Panthers. He can handle the ball, play inside, and score for his team. He is a tough minded player that competes on every possession. The senior would be a great piece for a Division 3 program and has a chance to be a standout at the next level. 


Jonathan Renois (2021 5’11 G)- Renois is a great athlete. It is impressive to see a player of his size constantly be above the rim. The Somerset junior has really developed his perimeter shooting. He was able to make shots off the catch and off the bounce consistently throughout the weekend. 


South Miami

Nick Jacques (2020 6’3 G)- Jacques has developed into a high level shooter and shot maker. The senior can score in bunches and was automatic from the free throw line throughout the weekend. He is constantly probing the defense and attacking open lanes. He takes pride in competing defensively on every possession. 


Arturo Dean (2021 5’10 PG)- Dean is an elite ball handler and displayed an ability to penetrate at will throughout the weekend. The junior is very quick and is great at finding his teammates for easy baskets. He is a pure point guard who recently got his first division 1 offer from Stetson and will continue to attract interest from college coaches. 


Brandon Sanders (2020 6’10 C)- The senior center was great at protecting the rim all weekend. He had multiple blocked shots in every game. He is an active defender and rebounder. Sanders defensive abilities alone make him a Division 1 prospect. The development of his offensive game will determine how high his ceiling is. 



Chris Gonzalez (2020 5’10 G)- The senior is a really good shooter with a knack for hunting shots. He is constantly moving on offense and plays with great energy. He also handles a lot of ball handling duties for the Spartans. 


Westminster Academy

Ben Middlebrooks (2022 6’9 F)- Middlebrooks, who holds several Division 1 offers, was one of the top prospects in the event. He displayed a great motor and great touch around the basket. The most impressive part of the sophomore's game is how advanced his perimeter shooting is for a player at this age and size. He is set to be the foundation of the Lion’s next run to a state title. 


Stephan Swenson (2020 6’0 PG)- Swesnon is the main playmaker for the Lions. He is a steady guard who rarely gets rattled. The senior is able to make shots and probes the defense to find his teammates for easy shots. He already holds an offer from Stetson and will certainly be a nice addition for wherever he decides to go to college. 


Aidan Abell (2022 6’4 G)- The sophomore, who transferred from Coral Springs Charter, is a really good shooter. He displayed impressive toughness and skill for finishing at the rim as well. Abell is set for a breakout season and being at Westminster will give him the platform to do just that. 


Westminster Christian

James Henderson (2021 6’8 C)- The junior is an intimidating defensive presence. He is great at blocking shots and is constantly talking to help navigate his teammates. He is a high level rebounder. Henderson is great at setting screens and his low post game is constantly improving. 


Joseph Brown (2021 6’2 G)- Brown is a lefty guard that is crafty at getting to the basket for easy scores. He has developed into a consistent shooter and is a smart offensive player. He is great at creating space and knocking down mid range pull up jump shots. 


Jayden Higgins (2021 6’3 PG)- Higgins is blossoming since his transfer to Westminster from Gulliver Prep. He is an athletic guard that is good at driving and finishing at the basket. He is a crafty finisher and looked good as Westminster’s lead guard throughout the event.