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RECAP: HoopMIA Team Camp

By HoopMIA 06/22/2017, 4:45pm EDT

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Team Camp

Our Team Camp is an opportunity for teams locally, and regionally to come down and play in front of scouts and college coaches in a highly structured and competitive basketball environment. At the end of each night stats and records will be posted online. Select Games will be Live Streamed via Periscope from the @Hoop_MIA twitter account throughout the course of the tournament. 



Teams Head Coach Main Location Record
Triple Threat Michael Guilbaud A Miami Springs Rec 0-4
Belen Chachi Rodriguez A Miami Springs Rec 3-2
Team Pete A Miami Springs Rec 1-0
Miami Tropics Juan Cardona A Miami Springs Rec 3-1
Blanche Ely Melvin Randall A Miami Springs Rec 3-1
Mater Academy Shakey Rodriguez A Miami Springs Rec 2-2
Westminster Academy Ehren Wallhoff A Miami Springs Rec 4-1
Miami Beach Jacob Shaw A Miami Springs Rec 1-2
Florida Christian Jason Doan B Miami Springs Rec 3-2
St. Brendnas Kevin Esteban B Miami Springs Rec 0-4
Northeast HS DD Gillion B Miami Springs Rec 1-2
DSBG Robert Doctor B Miami Springs Rec 4-0
Southridge Marcus Barnes B Miami Springs Rec 1-3
Hialeah Gardens Danny Garcia B Miami Springs Rec 2-3
Killian Austin Perez B Miami Springs Rec 2-1


Teams Vs. Team Time Score Location
Triple Threat Vs. Mater Academy 6:00PM 43-76 CT1
Blanche Ely Vs. Belen 7:00PM 54-45 CT1
Miami Tropics Vs. Westminster Academy 8:00PM 75-64 CT1
Team Pete Vs. Miami Beach 9:00PM 38-39 CT1
Northeast Vs. DSBG 6:00PM 39-47 CT2
Northeast Vs. Florida Christian 7:00PM 37-41 CT2
Southridge Vs. St. Brendans 8:00PM 47-39 CT2
Hialeah Gardens Vs. Triple Threat 9:00PM 75-52 CT2

Wednesday Schedule

Team Vs. Team Time Score Location
Belen Vs. Mater Academy 9:00AM 58-55 CT1
Blanche Ely Vs. Westminster Academy 10:00AM 64-65 CT1
Miami Tropics Vs. Belen 11:00AM 40-54 CT1
Triple Threat Vs. Blanche Ely 12:00PM 37-60 CT1
Mater Academy Vs. Miami Tropics 1:00PM 57-71 CT1
Team Pete Vs. Belen 2:00PM 36-44 CT1
Westminster Academy Vs. Triple Threat 3:00PM 66-43 CT1
Miami Beach Vs. Blanche Ely 4:00PM 37-51 CT1
Team Pete Vs. Mater Academy 5:00PM 54-83 CT1
Hialeah Gardens Vs. Miami Tropics 6:00PM 48-63 CT1
Belen Vs. Westminster Academy 7:00PM 40-55 CT1
Florida Christian Vs. Southridge 9:00AM 42-40 CT2
St. Brendans Vs. Hialeah Gardens 10:00AM 38-46 CT2
DSBG Vs. Florida Christian 11:00AM 51-45 CT2
Hialeah Gardens Vs. Westminster Academy 12:00PM 50-71 CT2
DSBG Vs. Southridge 1:00PM 64-30 CT2
St. Brendans Vs. Florida Christian 2:00PM 38-55 CT2
DSBG Vs. Hialeah Gardens 3:00PM 73-50 CT2
Killian Vs. Southridge 4:00PM 55-53 CT2
St. Brendans Vs. Killian 5:00PM 50-54 CT2
Miami Beach Vs. Florida Christian 6:00PM 55-52 CT2
Northeast HS Vs. Killian 7:00PM 61-37 CT2

Thursday Schedule

Team Vs. Team Time Score Location
Hialeah Gardens Vs. Belen 10:00AM 55-53 CT1
Mater Academy Vs. Westminster Academy 11:00AM 62-66 CT1
Blanche Ely Vs. Miami Tropics 12:00PM 59-64 CT1
Hialeah Gardens Vs. Florida Christian 9:00AM 38-49 CT2
DSBG Vs. St. Brendans 10:00AM 62-43 CT2
Southridge Vs. Northeast 11:00AM 56-43 CT2
Northeast Vs. Miami Beach 12:00PM 56-63 CT2


Team Vs. Team Time Score Location
DSBG Vs. Westminster Academy 1:30PM 67-79 CT1
Miami Tropics Vs. Florida Christian 1:30PM 43-39 CT2
Miami Tropics Vs. Westminster Academy 3:00PM 73-64 CT1


Below is a video from our last HoopMIA event. This was our first ever ALL-STAR Game presented by Junior Orange Bowl. Check it out for a inside look into HoopMIA events. We really appreciate Hoop Journey Recap Video of our All-Star Game, make sure to give them a follow on Instagram @HoopJourney.